31 May 2011

Cannons 0 - Indians 20

Tonight was a tough game, the Cannons were blanked by the Indians 20 - 0. Josh only batted one time with a strikeout. He did have some great defensive plays at shortstop, tho.  The team is now 2 - 4.

20 May 2011

Cannons 13 - Sharks 3

Tonight was the Cannons first victory of the season, beating the sharks 13 - 3. Josh had a couple strikeouts and a walk which loaded the bases. He later made it all the way around to home. The team is now 1 - 3.

13 May 2011

Cannons vs. Windham

Tuesday night was the 2nd game for Joshua's baseball team. They did a lot better that night than the first game. If it weren't for a thunderstorm, they may have come back from a 12 - 6 deficit.

07 May 2011

1st Annual New Hope "Run for Hope"

Today was the 1st annual New Hope "Run for Hope", featuring a 1k and 5k run from the church and through the surrounding area. It was well attended, I would estimate at least 40 - 50 in attendance. All proceeds went to New Beginnings International Training Centers in Jamaica.

05 May 2011

25 April 2011


Today for some reason, we had a bunch of goldfinches at the feeders. At times there were almost a dozen in and around the area feeding and waiting their turn.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday found us hosting for Cathy's family. The kids had a great time hunting for eggs and we had an awesome dinner of ham with the fixings.

Annual Easter Portrait

17 April 2011

Canon G12 Custom Settings

This week, I received my new Canon G12 camera, and today I tried out some of the special effects that it is capable of.  

Fisheye Photos

Tilt Shift

Custom Color

It also does in camera HDR, which I will be trying out at a later date.  It will be a great backup camera.

10 April 2011

First Ride - 2011

Today is almost 80 and sunny, so it seemed appropriate to get the battery in the bike and go try it out.  Our first destination???  Someplace scenic or with nice winding roads???  Nope - Gamestop, so Josh could trade in a game...

01 April 2011

Rosamond Gifford Zoo - Syracuse

While in NY last week, we spent part of the day at the Rosamond Gifford zoo in Syracuse.  It was a cool but nice day, and we just about had the park to ourselves.

This duck was splashing the flamingos until the flamingo on the end shoved him off... 

 This tiger came up really close to the barrier to briefly rest.
 The penguins gave us a show by tracking the boys hand movements.

01 February 2011


It's big and heavy - the body is just over 2 pounds with the battery - and it's also a complex camera that offers 12.3-megapixel imaging and crosses the line between professional and consumer DSLR.

One of the first features to catch my eye was the 3-inch color LCD, with a Live View mode to help with macro photography.  Many of the buttons are programmable, and the ability to tweak the camera became essential when I started learning the menu system.

The images this camera produced surprised me, especially the lack of graininess at high ISOs.  The D300 is fast: It can capture an impressive 6 frames per second in burst mode, and 8 fps with the addition of an external battery pack that I will purchase in a couple months.

All in all, I look forward to years of fun shooting with this new model.

17 January 2011

Ohio Canal Corridor Advertisement

Last fall, I took photos of the Cuyahoga Valley Towpath for the Ohio Canal Corridor. One of my photos is being used in an advertisement as a backdrop. My Sister in Law, Kathy Stella Cole is one of the coordinators for the events advertised and she asked me to pass along that the website to register for the races will not be up until Feb 5th, if you are interested in attending the events.