30 July 2008

Cleveland Zoo Polar Bears

This polar bear sat up on the rocks very close to where the public was standing.  I was able to get these shots of the bear shaking off the water on his coat, and a 2nd pic of him face to face with a bee.

29 July 2008

Pioneer Trail Orchard Daylillies

Just a couple of the many varieties of Daylillies that are for sale at the Pioneer Trail Orchard in Hiram, Ohio.

22 July 2008


Just a great shot of Joshua looking up to his big brother.  He is so impressed with CJ that he decided that he may like to play next year.

20 July 2008

Cathy's Flowers

Cathy's flowers are in full bloom at this time - our center garden (middle pic) has really filled in nicely this year, and probably will have to be thinned out a little later in the summer.

12 July 2008

Pictures from Lake Ontario

While on a photography shoot with my son, I took these pics from Selkirk Shores State Park.  The 2nd pic is of a seagull in flight.  Although they are not graceful or particularly good looking birds, the blurred motion came out looking kind of like a dove.

Grandma's Gardens

I took an early morning tour of my Mom's flower gardens while we were there visiting this week.  As usual, she has an impressive arrangement of flora, and I am glad we were able to visit while so much was in full bloom.

09 July 2008