19 August 2007

Flags from Fort Ontario

A windy day helped to make these pics stand out on our trip to Fort Ontario.
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Grandma's Flowers

A gnome was spotted out by the old well garden.
The front porch was very colorful this time of year.
A lot of roses were in full bloom too.
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Dad's windmill trusses are stacked out behind the barn, and make for interesting patterns.
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Taken with 50mm lens over several seconds, no filter.
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Chris is helping me use Papa's swingset rungs as a frame.
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Lake Ontario

Looking South, then North from Pine Grove. Both taken shortly before sunset with a ND+2 filter and exposed over 1 - 2 seconds to give the water and waves a soft appearance. It was a very windy evening with 2 - 3' swells.
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Sunset Lake Ontario

Taken from Selkirk towards 9-Mile Point, complete with 1st Quarter Moon.
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