25 December 2008

23 December 2008

Tree Trimming Highlights

We were babysitting our niece and nephew last weekend while putting up the tree.  

The boys weren't interested in modeling in front of it, so I found the next best if not better subject.

07 December 2008

Christmas Season Visit

Our friends John and Tracy visited us the other night for our annual pre-Christmas dinner get together.  We usually put them to work helping us decorate our tree, but since this year we are going to get a real one, I didn't want to put it up this soon.

John and Tracy have one daughter, Hannah (pictured with John).  They also have taken on 2 twin foster children, of which Demetriah is pictured here.  She has a beautiful smile and fun personality.  It was a lot of fun hosting them all for the evening.  Needless to say, they have a busy life at home!!!

05 December 2008

Western Reserve Historical Society Museum

This museum has an outstanding collection of automobiles, aircraft, and other displays from this local area.  While visiting today with the Cub Scouts, the staff was more than accommodating with our requests for information on both Matthew Brady and James Garfield.  I highly recommend visiting them if you are in Cleveland and have the time to do so.