17 January 2009

Uncle/Niece Portrait

This week, Cathy's brother flew in from Washington State to spend some time with their Mom who is in the hospital (but doing better every day).  Today we had the family over for dinner and I was able to catch this great shot of him and my niece, Erin.

13 January 2009

Best Photos of 2008 by JMG-Galleries Blog

From 05 Jan Entry - Jim's website now has the entries posted here, mine is #39. There are a lot of impressive sites and photographs out there to look at!!

08 January 2009

Winter Visitors

We had an unusual amount of Cardinals at our feeder late this afternoon.  As I write this, there are easily double the amount of earlier, but it is getting too dark to photograph them well.

05 January 2009

Blog Project: “Your Best Photos From 2008″

Grandmas Garden Roses

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

Beach Grass @ Myrtle

Pier at Sunrise

Punderson Park HDR

Last year, I missed out in participating in Jim Goldstein's Best photos from 2007 Project.  Jim is taking blog and website entries and posting them in his blog for all to share sometime on Tuesday the 13th of January.  After looking hard at my photos from the past year I have decided to post my top 5 Favorite Photos of 2008.  The only rule for this project was that I share photos taken within the calendar year of 2008.

It was a fun year photographing and blogging, especially with my new D200 and some accessories that I accumulated thru the year. I hope 09 brings some improvement and even more opportunity with planned trips to DC and Myrtle Beach, along with stuff from home!!!

Thanx to all for looking and especially to you who have made frequent trips back to this site over the years.  I will post the link from Jim's site on this entry as soon as it comes up.