31 December 2009

Blog Project: “Your Best Photos From 2009″

This is the 3rd annual blog project to share your best photos of the past year. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and look.

See the rest of the entries at www.jmg-galleries.com

Christmas Special Effects Pics

A sample of some of my pics from the past few weeks. Included are some duotone, lensbaby, etc pics.

24 December 2009

20 December 2009

Cookie Making

The finished product of Cathy's and Josh's work today.

Christmas Tree

More Christmas Tree Photos. I took this while the cookies were baking this afternoon.

12 December 2009

Christmas Lights

I was able to de-saturate all but the post lamp Christmas lights on this shot.

Christmas Lights @ Sunset

We had a nice sunny day today, and I was able to catch this just at the last remnant of sunset.

30 November 2009

Christmas Decorating

Josh and Chris helped me last weekend decorating the house. We got 2 trees up, as well as the outside lights.


Chris showed off his skateboarding skills on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Nap

Erin takes a late afternoon nap after a filling Thanksgiving meal.

07 October 2009

Pumpkin Carving

The other night, Cathy and JA carved one of our pumpkins. After they finished, I photographed JA by firing the flash remotely inside the pumpkin. Some post processing done in Nik and Photoshop.

07 September 2009

Slide Race

At the fair, the boys had a slide race, CJ won, but it looks like both boys had a hard landing...

30 August 2009

New York State Fair

Butter Sculpture

CJ's commercial shoot for WCNY

New York State Fair

Extreme Canines Show

CJ did 15 pullups to win a shirt at the Army Exhibit

Watching the NYS Trooper Show

Boldt Castle

Power House

Examples of the garden areas around the castle

Joshua on the North Side of the main castle

1000 Islands

Summer home belonging to a veterinarian in Toronto

Controlled burn from springtime on Canadian side

Perfect day...

Grimes Glen Park

2nd Waterfall - done in HDR

Portrait of the boys at the 1st waterfall

Enjoying the cool waterfall