31 March 2008

MOST (Museum of Science and Technology) Train Exhibits

Here are a few examples of the model train exhibit at MOST.  They were quite detailed and fun to watch.

Rear Curtain Sync

Unnatural looking pics can occur when using flash to capture moving subjects at slow shutter speeds, because the subject seems to be behind or within the blurred movement.  

In this example of CJ, the flash fired just before the rear curtain started to close.

Mom's Flowers

Every year, my Dad gets my Mom flowers to commemorate each of our birthdays.  The other flowers were for Easter.

23 March 2008

Erin and the Bunny

Just another photo and perspective that I liked from today.

Easter Flowers

Pics to Mar 08 (2).jpg
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A small sample of my Easter Flowers for Cathy this year. It was a bouquet consisting of yellow tulips and purple iris.

09 March 2008

Ice Storm Activities

Ice Storm.jpg
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The 2nd night of the power outage, the chess championship went well beyond dark. Not to be discouraged, the boys improvised with candles and a comfy gas fireplace for heat and light.