25 December 2008

23 December 2008

Tree Trimming Highlights

We were babysitting our niece and nephew last weekend while putting up the tree.  

The boys weren't interested in modeling in front of it, so I found the next best if not better subject.

07 December 2008

Christmas Season Visit

Our friends John and Tracy visited us the other night for our annual pre-Christmas dinner get together.  We usually put them to work helping us decorate our tree, but since this year we are going to get a real one, I didn't want to put it up this soon.

John and Tracy have one daughter, Hannah (pictured with John).  They also have taken on 2 twin foster children, of which Demetriah is pictured here.  She has a beautiful smile and fun personality.  It was a lot of fun hosting them all for the evening.  Needless to say, they have a busy life at home!!!

05 December 2008

Western Reserve Historical Society Museum

This museum has an outstanding collection of automobiles, aircraft, and other displays from this local area.  While visiting today with the Cub Scouts, the staff was more than accommodating with our requests for information on both Matthew Brady and James Garfield.  I highly recommend visiting them if you are in Cleveland and have the time to do so.

18 November 2008

Punderson State Park HDR's

After our first snowfall of the year last night, I decided to go out this am after the boys left for school and try my luck at some more HDR photos at Punderson Park.  The two are of the Lodge overlooking the lake, the other of the road on the way out.

31 October 2008

Halloween Favorites

One of the houses on our route tonight was very elaborately set up for Halloween (more than I do even at Christmas).  There were lights everywhere, ghosts in the upstairs windows, and 4 ghosts hanging from a ceiling fan that rotated outside on the front lawn.

The duotone pic is simply JA holding a flashlight under his chin during some down time.

19 October 2008

Erin's 2 Year Portraits

These 2 pics are among my favorites from today's shoot.

The whole portfolio can be viewed here, at my website.

13 October 2008

Hiram Fairview Cemetery HDR

This image is from the Fairview Cemetery, in Hiram Ohio.

Punderson State Park

Some HDR samples from Punderson State Park today.  The duotone is also an HDR that was monochromed following the tone mapping in Photomatix.

09 October 2008

Dinner Conversation...

At dinner the other night, I was talking with CJ about school and the subject of his art class came up.  He told me he really enjoyed this class, especially the sculpture and painting parts.

I asked him if they would be doing any photography, and his prompt (and serious) reply was...

"Its art class, Dad, photography is not art."

Guess he has been taking a very hard look at my stuff...

03 October 2008

New Orleans Skyline at Sunset - HDR

There is a free (for pedestrians) ferry at the end of Canal Street.  After classes were over one evening, I took the ride over to see if there were any photographic possibilities for sunset.  

This HDR is one of my favorites...

St. Louis Cemetery #1

Before classes started on day 2, I visited the Saint Louis Cemetery #1.

Saint Louis Cemetery is the name of three Roman Catholic cemeteries in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The burials are in above ground vaults; most were constructed in the 18th century and 19th century. The above-ground tombs are required here because the ground water levels make burial impractical in New Orleans.

NOLA St Louis Cathedral

While in New Orleans last week, one of the first places that I wanted to visit was the St. Louis Cathedral.  The architecture and artistry did not disappoint.  

The St. Louis Cathedral is one of New Orleans' most notable landmarks. This  building, its triple steeples towering above its historic neighbors, the Cabildo and the Presbytere - looks down on the green of the Square and General Andrew Jackson on his bronze horse and on the block-long Pontalba Buildings with their lacy ironwork galleries. This is the heart of old New Orleans.

04 September 2008

Hiram Rapids Photography

You may/may not have noticed my "flickr" link has been disconnected from my blog here. Reason is that I have purchased the domain www.hiramrapidsphotography.com and am working on storing my photos there. If you have time, please take a peek, and sign my guestbook as well. I also hope to upgrade and possibly sell a few images from that site too in the future.

This blog and our family blog will continue as usual.

Thanx for looking!!!

03 September 2008

18 August 2008

More Myrtle Beach Sunrise - Day 2

Another morning, I awoke early and tried my luck again to get some great sunrise shots.  I was able to capture some good silhouette shots similar to the one above, as well as some good low-light pics of the area.

17 August 2008

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

Sunrises at Myrtle Beach tend to be hazy, and this morning was no exception.  Once the sun rose over the cloud cover, I was able to capture some more vibrant colors both of the sun over the ocean and of the pier at Surfside Beach.  

The grass shot was taken well after sunrise, on my way back to the house.

Myrtle Beach Wave Action

Just some of my favorites of the boys the first day when we arrived at the beach.  It was late afternoon, and the sun was low enough in the sky to provide some filtered light.  I also was able to experiment with my new circular polarizer filter.

30 July 2008

Cleveland Zoo Polar Bears

This polar bear sat up on the rocks very close to where the public was standing.  I was able to get these shots of the bear shaking off the water on his coat, and a 2nd pic of him face to face with a bee.