29 April 2009

29 Apr - Church Flowers

While at church today, I took some time to get pictures of our tulips and viburnum that are in full bloom.

28 April 2009

Spring Tulips

After a long weekend of 80+ temps and sunshine, Cathy's flower gardens have really taken off.  Pictured are some of the tulips from the bed by the garage.

25 April 2009

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Just some faves from todays trip to the Pittsburgh natural history museum.

23 Apr - Another 8 Yards of Mulch Down

I finished the mulch this afternoon, with nothing to spare.  We usually get 10 yards, but since we have a pretty some pretty thick beds we scaled back a little this year.

This bed will be full of various forms of hosta in a few months.

17 April 2009

17 Apr - Mulch

8 yards of mulch and a nice clear warm day.  I was able to get most of the beds done, and have one more large one to go next week.

Now we just need some flowers to pop thru.  The tulips should be blooming really soon.

15 April 2009

Stock 20 - Royalty Free Music

Instead of a picture today, I wanted to share a site that I came across today thru another blog that I follow.  It is called Stock20, and offers royalty free music for photographers, videographers, or anyone that needs music to add to projects that they create.   By clicking this link, you can sign up and receive one free song (a $20 value), and I will also receive one for your referral.  

The site has an incredible amount of music in stock, and no credit card is required to create an account.  

Thank you in advance, and happy music shopping.

13 April 2009

13 Apr - Me

Its a very rare occasion for me to make it into a picture here, so I figured that would qualify this for a pic of the day.  JA took this while we were out this morning on our Cub Scout hike, earning their photography elective.

12 April 2009

Fort Stanwix

Just an interesting perspective at Fort Stanwix when we visited on Thursday.

Mom's Easter Tulips

These were a gift to my Mom for Easter.  In the background is the new-fallen snow that we got that same day, about 1/2 inch or so.

Painting with Light

That same night, I had the boys run back and forth in front of the barn with their flashlights.


Same night, same moon...

Windmill and Moon

One evening at my parents we had a perfectly calm night with no clouds and an almost full moon.  

Here are some shots before and after dark.

07 April 2009

04 Apr - Freebies

Aunt Jennifer went to New Orleans to a Microsoft convention about a month ago.  She came home with multiple freebies, including this toy that you can throw out and will return to you.

01 April 2009

01 Apr - Daffodil

No foolin' on this April Fools Day, the daffodils are starting to sprout in our front garden.  This is 2 of the first 3 that have come up so far.