16 February 2008

Valentines Flowers

Valentines Flowers
Originally uploaded by Jim's Photography
I gave Cathy a tulip arrangement for Valentine's Day. Her brother also sent her the purple and white iris pictured here.

10 February 2008

Paper White Narcissus

Some of Cathy's Narcissus have flowered this week. Here is a sample of some of her handiwork.

Calendar Contest Winner!!!

Just wanted to update and thank everyone that voted - my picture of Persia won the most votes for the January 09 Picture. See This Link for details.

06 February 2008

Morning Fog

We had a very heavy fog this morning. On my way back from some errands, I took Nikita (my German Shepherd) out and took some pics up and down my street.

All photos with my new D200, experimenting with the new settings...

05 February 2008


Originally uploaded by Jim's Photography
This picture is in the finals for the ADIDAP calendar (January).  Thanx in advance for your support (this pic won the January contest).

My New "Toy"

Got my Nikon D200 today - I have been saving for a while for this upgrade, and with Cathy's help, was able to take advantage of a good deal last week when I ordered the camera. 

For Specs, see NikonUSA.