18 December 2007

17 December 2007

The Digital Photography Podcast flickr Group


I was just looking at a group that I belong to on www.flickr.com and found out that I "won" the Photograph of the Day. No prize, just some recognition.  Here is the pic and the link is in the title...

If you look at this entry after the 17th, it will probably be moved to the discussion labelled "Photograph of the day (from one of our members)" at the bottom.


15 December 2007

30 November 2007

Christmas 2007

Originally uploaded by Jim's Photography
Some of the many Firefighter Ornaments that adorn Cathy's tree. She put her tree up the other day, our big tree went up tonight.

23 November 2007

Thanksgiving Pics

Part of the Centerpiece at dinner today.

I thought the perspective on the pic really stood out, as Erin was looking at her Mom.  

I also have to give credit where due - CJ took this pic...

07 October 2007

18 September 2007

New York Institute of Photography Photo Contest

I just wanted to thank any of you who voted on my pictures in the photo contest - I could not have come this far without all of your help. All three rendered enough votes to continue on to the final judging in October. Here is a copy of the letter I received...

Dear NYIP Focus Contestant:

We are pleased to announce that your photo has been voted as one of the top 100 in the Main Street/Faces in the Crowd/Pets and Wildlife category. This means your photo has now moved into the final round of voting, where our panel of celebrity judges (Bobbi Lane, David Handshuh, and John Owens), will select the grand prize winner and first prize winners in each category.

The NYIP Focus contest received over 7,000 entries—so as one of the top 100 in your chosen category, you are part of an elite group of talented photographers. We’re very impressed with the work that we’ve seen, and expect that our panel of judges will find it very difficult to decide upon the winners. Thank you for being a part of this exciting event, and congratulations on becoming a finalist.

Good luck!


Jeanne Y. Fu
Photo Contest Director

(I don't think I've ever been considered in an "elite group" or a "talented" photographer before - I'm enjoying this status while it lasts!!! LOL)

15 September 2007

The Village Peddler Fall Festival

Photo enhancement with Picassa - B&W with Color Focal Point

2 Other interesting displays, also Photo Edited with Picassa.
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01 September 2007

Blurred Motion Pics

Both a sample of some "Blurred Motion" pics that I was trying out today - both shot at 1/25 sec at f20, 55mm at ISO 200.
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19 August 2007

Flags from Fort Ontario

A windy day helped to make these pics stand out on our trip to Fort Ontario.
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Grandma's Flowers

A gnome was spotted out by the old well garden.
The front porch was very colorful this time of year.
A lot of roses were in full bloom too.
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Dad's windmill trusses are stacked out behind the barn, and make for interesting patterns.
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Taken with 50mm lens over several seconds, no filter.
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Chris is helping me use Papa's swingset rungs as a frame.
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Lake Ontario

Looking South, then North from Pine Grove. Both taken shortly before sunset with a ND+2 filter and exposed over 1 - 2 seconds to give the water and waves a soft appearance. It was a very windy evening with 2 - 3' swells.
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Sunset Lake Ontario

Taken from Selkirk towards 9-Mile Point, complete with 1st Quarter Moon.
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31 July 2007

Moonlight over Farm

Taken with full moon over the farm and pond around 2200hrs.
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Some contemplative pics of our friend's daughter, Ramsey. Taken at their family farm.
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South Beach

South Beach around sunset, taken over longer exposure times to give the surf a "milky" appearance.

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