18 June 2009

Kelsey's Swim Meet

Tonight we got to see our friends daughter compete in a swim meet.  She swam in 3 events, 50M Butterfly (pictured), 50M Freestyle race, and a 200M Freestyle Relay.  She came in first in all 3 events.

14 June 2009

Moose River Recreation Area/West Canada Lakes Wilderness Area

Last week, Cathy and I drove back into Moose River Recreation Area.  This camping/hiking/boating area had been one of my favorite vacations growing up.  We came here yearly in August for a week.  

The pictures shown are of Moose River.  We didn't have time to drive all the way back to my other favorite spot near Indian Lake.

03 June 2009

D200 Gets Wet - Real Wet

I read this on a blog today, it is encouraging to know that my camera is made so well.  Click the link in the title for more info.

Cathy's Gardens

Our flowers are starting to open up this spring, and the beds have filled in very nicely.  All pics are HDR, with my new tripod.

A Rare Glimpse...

of me behind the camera, courtesy of Mark (you can see his blog HERE).  Taken at the Cuyahoga National Park earlier this spring.